Why is focus such a major benefit of martial arts? There’s many reasons.

First, we can see the obvious facts that it helps you focus on what’s going on around you. Then there’s the argument of better grades, or performance at work, or improved relationships at home or with friends.

There’s another benefit of focus thought, that often goes swept under the rug, so to speak. With improved focus, there’s decreased anxiety. Something that I’ve personally, recently experienced. As I improve my focus more and more, the more I focus on the task at hand, the less generalized anxiety I feel. In Buddhism, they call this “monkey mind”, where your mind will grab anything that wanders into it and focus on that. What about my finances? What about my car? What about my family? What about my Dog? My Cat? My Dinner? My Lunch? That meeting I have later? My Class, homework… ????? It just continues to pile up more and more, and before you know it, here comes a nervous breakdown because your mind has overwhelmed you with the dreaded snowball of WHAT IF’s?

The more you train your mind to focus on the task at hand, the less room there is for those “What if’s”. The less those “What if’s” occurred, the less anxiety I’ve felt. I’ve also found myself more energetic, with better memory, and I’m more present.

With the anxiety meter dropping, I’m more able to deal with stressful situations when they occur, without going straight to red-line-panic mode.
I never thought I’d get here.

How did I train my mind to do this? The same way I trained in martial arts, because martial arts is life, and life is martial arts. Now in my 40’s, and using my martial arts to master myself as well, I am seeing things far more clearly. I hope that what I write helps you.

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-Shifu Geoff.