About SonFire

What is Ninja Life?

It starts with three programs...

  • Our Tigers Program naturally boosts your childs focus and concentration.
  • Higher focus will help your child naturally achieve better grades in school!
  • Our martial arts system is specifically designed to boost your tiger's self esteem, so they can face down bullies with ease!
Special Tiger Specific reward programs and progress reports help our students achieve success in the goals you set when you register!

  • Our Black Belt Training Program is specifically designed to increase emotional intelligence, as well as spacial awareness.
  • The life skills contained in this program will develop a foundational skill set that our students can draw from both in school and beyond!
  • In our BBT program, students realize that they can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges through positive mental attitude, and effort.

  • Our Leadership Program will develop a person into a true leader wherever they choose to go!
  • Learning to work with people of all ages and abilities, our leadership students excel both in school and society.
  • The skill set contained in this program is invaluable, and exclusively available through SonFire Martial Arts.

It promotes Health & Fitness


A certain level of fitness and health is maintained through a mix of plyometrics, isometrics and yoga exercises to maintain flexibility and strength.
Martial Arts

The worlds largest Martial Arts organization continually brings the best in martial arts, self defense, fitness, and krav maga instruction every class!

The mental and emotional benefits from martial arts include lower stress levels, a greater sense of gratitude, willingness to help others, as well as the mental and emotional self discipline to help you through the tough times that you will experience in life. Life will knock you down, martial arts will stand you back up!

PLUS! It's been proven, that the more well balanced, happy, and stress free you are, the stronger your immune system is!

What you should expect...

In Class

Every class has one Head Instructor, and multiple Junior Leaders who not only help, but act as amazing role models for younger students, and even our adult students! Each class has our life skills program woven through it, as well as the work out you've been looking for!
Belt Promotions

These are structured exams with strict requirements that must be met. Our Belt Promotions are by invitation only. Receiving an invite however, does not guarantee that you will pass! Only hard work, attendance, and dedication can determine that.
At a Tournament

As part of the worlds largest martial arts organization, we have some pretty large tournaments. These can be quite daunting for a new student. With many divisions and multiple competition levels, there`s something for everyone of all ages, ranks, and abilities to enjoy!
Special Events & Seminars

Some of our special events and seminars include:
Womens Self Defense
Krav Maga
Board Breaking
Protech Weapons
Buddy Nights
Holiday Events

Why you should enroll now!

Don't waste another moment...
By investing in the future now, you are ensuring success later. Children who receive the benefits of martial arts training grow up to be leaders in whatever they choose to do! Increase focus, concentration, self esteem, self discipline, and self confidence paired with values such as honor, integrity and perseverance will carry a child through to adulthood with the ability to excel, withstand bullying and stand up for others!
Limited Class Size

In order to ensure placement in our program, schedule your free introductory lesson now!

Our programs are for people of all ages, starting at age 4!!

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