Destination – Tofino!

Tofino, British Columbia. A beautiful little town off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Gorgeous Sandy Beaches, Perfect for training in Martial Arts, as well as Year Round Surfing!

The Tofino Ecolodge, which provides our accommodations, also happens to be home to the stunningly picturesque Tofino Botanical Gardens. The Ecolodge is also an active supporter of the
Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations Tribal Park Allies.

Mackenzie Beach, Tofino
Mackenzie Beach, Tofino


The exact curriculum for each intensive varies, and is published when the intensive is open for registration, along with what skill levels are being focused on for the duration of the training.

Listed on the right are some of the general aspects of training that are used in each intensive.


Cardio & Endurance Exercises at a level suitable to the practitioner, yet challenging enough to help the practitioner progress.

Forms / Poomsae / Taolu

Each intensive, we focus on a new form. If the student does not know the form, this is where they learn it. If the student knows the form, this is where they perfect it.

Combatives / Quan Fa

These are partner drills and exercises that involve actually being attacked, and having to use your art (typically a section a form, or drill) to defend yourself adequately. This is where the practitioner develops an understanding of the techniques used in the Forms taught.


If we are teaching any weapons in the intensive, we will not only make sure we have enough for each student to use, but also purchase if they wish to own one. A student may bring their own weapons if they have the weapon of choice in good condition.