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Meet The Team!

Shifu Geoff began his training back in 1992 at the age of 12. Almost 30 years later, he has trained a number of champions, and has been Canadian Champion on the ATA Tournament Circuit 7 times. Continually Training and expanding his knowledge and skills under numerous masters, in multiple arts, Shifu Geoff loves teaching students of all ages.

Shifu Sue began her training as part of a method of rehabilitation after breaking her ankle. She has trained under a number of masters, for over 15 years. Shifu Sue’s┬ápassion is teaching “Tiny Tigers” (Ages 4-6) and Youth. She is a true asset to the SonFire Team.

Shifu Adam has been training with SonFire since he was 5 years old. Seen here between training sessions in Las Vegas with Mr. Cifre (left) and Sr. Master Nery (right), Mr. Ishmail is an indispensable member of SonFire’s Team. Truly an excellent example for anyone to follow, and a great martial artist