How to be OK, Acceptance can help others!

Welcome back my fellow readers!

So continuing from last post…

How can acceptance be used to help others?

Well, aside from the obvious, accepting others for who they are, including them, you know… basically being a good human being…
How can your own personal acceptance be used to help others? As much as outwardly accepting others directly affects them, your self-acceptance indirectly affects them.

When you accept who you are, your circumstances, your past, present, and future… You begin to remove your anxieties, stresses, etc… (remember last post?)

If we study magnetic fields, magnetic fields directly effect each other. This is why when you take two magnets, and stick the two positive (or negative) poles together, and then let go of one, it will flip over so that the other pole actually attracts to the magnet you continue to hold.

As a human, we have a measurable electric current. It’s called our “myo-electric field”. So just like a magnet, we have a field around us. Also just like a magnet, some of us have stronger fields than others. Yes, it sounds a bit new-agey… but myo-electric fields are actually being used to power prosthetic limbs. (In case you want to delve a little deeper into the subject, here’s a paper from Boston University. It’s a PDF file.) As it turns out, every muscle you move, affects your myo-electric field.

Now, where am I going with this? Basically your energy, will affect the energy of those around you. Stressed energies are very different than non-stressed energies. You can actually use your energy to calm others down, without saying a word, or to help others heal themselves (oh, come now, not like the movies!) Simply by sitting with someone who’s stressed, when you’re not, you can help calm them down even without saying a word.

Charismatic people, they’ve innately mastered how to used their energies to affect others. Some for really good purposes… Some for not so good purposes, as history has proven.

Before I get into the “how to do it…” (which again, isn’t mystical at all!) I want to leave you with this question…

If you could affect others directly, just by standing next to them… what would you do? (If your a parent, think about how this can help your kids!)

Stay tuned… There’s more Juicy Tid-bits coming on this subject.