Is there something better than Happiness?

I began this blog back in 2014 with a desire to help people find true lasting happiness in their lives. However, with some recent discussions with a few people, I’ve come to a few realizations.

Happiness… is temporary…

Why is happiness temporary? Let me explain.

External Sources

Happiness is only temporary because as humans, we derive happiness from many different outside sources such as other people, situations, gifts or some other external source. So you see, people come and go, situations are momentary, gifts are material things that can break or be stolen, or lost.

Happiness is an Emotion

As long as happiness is an emotion, just like sadness, anger, fear, frustration, and others…  Now this is where things get dicey. As humans, we think we have the ability to multi-task, but what are we really doing, Starting one thing, starting another thing, then another, and each time we move to another task, we leave the last only partially complete, until we return to it. This is the way our minds work, and thus too, our emotions. So knowing this, we cannot truly be feeling more than one emotion at once. We can surely be confused as to what we’re feeling, but this is why emotion overwhelms a great many people, resulting in ‘tears of happiness’.

So is there something out there greater than moment to moment happiness? Is there something that will allow us to experience happiness more often? Is there something that will attract happiness to us? Is happiness something we can actually achieve, or is it something that just happens?

Yes, there’s something greater than happiness. Yes there is something that will allow us to experience happiness more often. YES there is something that will attract happiness to us. YES INDEED we can achieve it, but FIRST… let’s achieve something greater, and then you’ll continually experience happiness nearly every day!

What is this thing? Is it a talisman? A mechanism? A specific religion? NO.

It’s Joy. Pure and Simple Joy.

What’s joy? Many people relate joy to elation, or happiness but that is not the case. If we define Joy as loving yourself, taking care of yourself, treating yourself well, and being confident within yourself and who you are… You are experiencing Joy! If you are telling yourself “I can do this.” “I’m good enough.” Then you are experiencing Joy! If you can wake up each day, be respectful and compassionate to those around you, and interact with others with a smile, then you are experiencing Joy.  Joy does not come with stuff, it does not come from other people, it does not come from achievement… it comes from within. Joy is an inner peace that allows you to see yourself clearly for who you are, accept yourself for who you are and in turn love yourself. Once you love yourself fully for who you are, you can then love others fully for who they are, even if you both differ in opinions, musicality, artistic ability, mathematical skill, etc… You won’t see the person as a set of skills or actions… you will see a human, worthy of love and compassion, worthy of friendship, and worthy of Joy.