Kickstart Package

Free E-Book & Beginners Training Video!

Have you ever wanted to train in martial arts, but classes are unavailable? Too Expensive? Not in your schedule? Now you can. For just 10 minutes per day, you too can get the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of Traditional Martial Arts! 

Get started training TODAY! FOR FREE! 
(And worry not! There’s no pushups or running involved!)

What do you get?

Free E-Book

The E-book details each day's training, and how to break it down to get the best benefits. Also, a personal message from Shifu Geoff.

Free Companion Video

Inside the E-Book is a link to a companion video which you can watch to compliment the daily training in the book!

BENEFITS! Mental, Physical, Emotional

Once you begin training, you will begin to feel better, mentally, physically, and emotionally, with just 10 minutes per day! You will begin to develop more strength, flexibility, and feel the mental and emotional benefits of success, achievement, and more!

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