Laugh at your problems. It’s worth it.

For the majority of people, the problems weighing them down are laughable. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing your problems, they’re your own, seen through your eyes, with your perception. They’re valid. A broken down car, late bus, broken phone, over slept your alarm… or maybe bigger… late on bills, unstable job, financial woes… Then there’s those who just lost their homes, a family member, and there’s even those who’s family has disowned them solely because of their lifestyle. There’s homelessness, drug addiction and more.

Let’s take a moment and forget about the future, and the past. Because neither of those actually exist. What does exist is history… and possibility, and the only that history and possibility exist, is if YOU exist… NOW. Right NOW. This Second. Not an hour from now, not an hour ago… but NOW. And NOW. And NOW…

The entire goal behind martial arts is self mastery. There is no other greater mastery. So when you face a problem, do your absolute best to bring yourself back to “Now”. Then, take a look back through your personal history, at your past problems. You can always seem to find something funny about them. Even the worst ones.

For example, right now, I have a problem. I’m working on a little e-commerce project, and I did my research, knew what I was getting into, started getting it set up… it was going well… and…


I went through a brief range of emotion.

Which was followed by a sigh, and the realization that now I have to start from scratch again.
Or is it from scratch??
It’s not from scratch, even though I’ve chosen to use a completely different system to accomplish the same goal, now I have more knowledge of what I want to achieve with it. A clearer vision of what I wish the end product to look like. So no, it’s not from scratch! I’m a little more excited too!

So now, let’s look at the bigger picture here.
Although I have a launch goal, It’s a goal, not a necessity. My web guy, who’s great, is still reeling from the loss of a family member, and yet kind of laughing along with me at my silly mistakes, and still partially sharing my ambition (Thank’s, Brother!). Then there’s Texas, which is half under water after a Hurricane. It’s even worse in India, which is suffering an even worse predicament with massive floods.

So that little problem I have… isn’t really a problem at all. And it’s quite laughable. Yours will be too! I can assure you. Laugh at your problems… It’s worth it!