Physical Fitness

The physical fitness component of our curriculum is based in Plyometrics, Isometrics, Yoga, and more. It encompasses a dynamic, whole body approach to fitness, working every muscle group. Resistance training is also incorporated as a way to aid the development of bone density. A healthy balance of both cardiovascular exercise, and muscle development is necessary to live a well balanced life. This physical system is designed specifically to aid you in your training here at SonFire, as well as keep you healthy and balanced through out your life.

Dynamic stretch & strengthen excercises are incorporated into both our physical workouts, and our in class training to maximize the benefit of our program. The more our muscles develop, the more we need to keep them limber to prevent injury, and maintain our physical wellness.

Through controlled contact, over time, your body will build resistance mechanisms and develop a stronger musculoskeletal structure in order to withstand larger attacks.
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