Tiny Tigers

Tigers are ages 4 - 7. Their class is a fast paced, life skill filled, 30 minutes packed with positive reinforcement! Tigers get a specialised curriculum designed to bring out the best in them, every class!



Ages 8-12. Their class is 45 minutes of fun, packed with positive reinforcement, with the emphasis building self esteem and self confidence as well as building valuable self defence skills in one excellent environment.


Teens & Adults

Our Teens and Adults get the full spectrum of curriculum that challenges each individual student to do their best. This class has students of all skill levels, working to their own abilities, and progressing at their own rates.


Extra Training

  • Weapons Trainng
  • Combat Weapons Training
  • Board & Brick Breaking
  • Krav Maga
  • Joint Locks

Breaking Point Demo Team

Our Breaking Point Demo Team is another opportunity for those who wish to push themselves beyond regular training. We perform at various events throughout the year.


Alright... Where do I sign up?

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