Tiny Tigers

Ages 4-6 years old

Our Tiny Tigers program has been specially designed to increase attention span, listening skills, and discipline in children ages 3 to 6 years old. This program teaches valuable life skills such as honesty, integrity, friend ship, respect, and more! It's important to instil good values into children when they're young. The Tiny Tigers program will set your children up to do well in school, achieve better grades, and handle themselves well socially. Along with our lifeskills component, there is a heavy emphasis on anti-bullying and how to react appropriately when facing a bully. As our Tigers move through the specialised belt system, they lay the foundation to build the self esteem and self confidence necessary to move through life with ease. A specifically developed rewards system is in place to help your Tiger both in class, and out of class while at home, and at school!

Karate Kids

Ages 7-12 years old

Our Karate Kids program is an 'older' version of the Tigers program. It offers much the same rewards system, with classes that will challenge your Karate Kid to constantly achieve more. This builds self esteem, self confidence, and a positive attitude even in dark times. Karate Kids also learn tried and true self defence methods, as well as how to stand up to bullies, and help others who are being bullied. Past SonFire Students have gone to be members of the Police, and Fire departments as well as youth leaders, and figures who make a positive impact on society. Our Karate Kids Program also helps students do well in school with increased focus, memory retention, and the discipline to get work done quickly and efficiently.

Teen & Adult Programs

Ages 13+

Our Teen and Adult programs feature the best in Martial Arts, fitness and self defense. In these classes students learn that the ultimate mastery, is mastery of yourself. As our students work through the belt levels, with increasing difficulty, the practice of breaking through barriers becomes natural. Here, students are also taught to think for themselves. Much of todays society is "Google this" "Bing that" "Hey Siri?"... Through sparring, students are given many 'tools' to use, and taught how to figure out which works for them the best. They are also taught how to think ahead of their opponents. This same method can be applied anywhere in life.

Black Belt Training Program

The Black Belt Training program is designed to guide students to the rank of Black Belt and beyond. This program involves:

* Forms (A pattern of moves)
* Self Defense (Performed with a partner)
* Sparring (Controlled Contact, with safety gear)
* Board Breaking
* Protech Weapons Training
Our Leadership Program is the highest esteemed program we offer. Our Trainee Instructors learn to lead people of all ages and skill levels. This program helps develop leadership skills, confidence, and teaches critical thinking. This is the only program in which our students also learn Krav Maga curriculum.

“You’ll pay 10x the amount to get this same skillset through a university or private institution such as BCIT!” – A.I.

“SonFire’s Instructors Program is something that is unmatched by any other leadership program out there. You just can’t find the same amount of curriculum, and practical learning anywhere. “-A.M.

Our Trainee Instructors progress through a internship where they will have an opportunity to advance their level through assisting in classes, tournaments, testings, and much much more. This program comes complete with a special personalised uniform, course workbook, and more!

Our Leadership Program is by invite only!