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Individual Virtual Wushu Programs

We are excited to introduce our Virtual Wushu Programs which will take you through from white sash to black sash. Once you reach Black Sash, our instructor levels will become available to you so you can learn to teach our art to others! Our Virtual Wushu programs consist of Shaolin Wushu, Baji, and Qi Gong.

As a virtual Wushu Student, you will progress through the ranks from white to black sash, beginning with basic video curriculum, and moving into more advanced curriculum. As you seek to increase your rank, you will be required to test virtually or in person with Shifu Geoff. As your skill level increases you will also be required to do mandatory training with Shifu Geoff online or in person. During the instructor levels, teaching camps will be hosted that you will be required to attend before passing your tests.