Shui Tao

What’s Shui Tao? Shifu Geoff has developed his own system of training in Traditional Arts. Shui Tao (/Shu-eh Dow/). The Way of Water – Martial Arts Training System. With Shui Tao, You will be able to train ANYWHERE. Whether you’re on a business trip, vacation, or at home on a rainy day… Shui Tao is always with you. 24/7. Our online training system works with any device that has online access. 

Our Lessons take you from Beginner to Instructor. All it requires is You, and of course, lots of Dedication. 

With benefits ranging from physical, to mental, emotional, to building your immune system, our blend of martial arts is wonderful for everyone.

With easy to follow tutorials, guided instruction, and access to video conferencing with Shifu Geoff personally, you will be able to stay healthy, active, and secure in yourself and your abilities wherever you are.



Check out our courses!

We offer these three courses as introductory lessons to ShuiTao.Life online. If you like the courses, you can always enroll in more courses, or grab an all access monthly pass!

Ba Duan Jin - Qi Gong
Intro to qi gong


Wu Bu Quan
Intro Level 1

New Student Special $15 USD

Luohan SHiba Shou
Intro Level 2

New Student Special $45 USD


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How Does It work?

Sash Levels

Earn your sashes! Start with the basics by learning the stances, basic kicks, strikes and blocks... and then move through the forms ("Taolu"). After you've mastered all the curriculum for your level, schedule a video lesson with Shifu Geoff online. After you earn the privilege to test, you will be granted the ability to test online with Shifu Geoff via video, be graded, and then level up. Once you level up, you will get access to the next sashes video tutorials, and your next level sash and certificate will be mailed to you!

Instructor Levels

There are three different instructor levels with ShuiTao.Life. Each level requires that you pass an in-person test with Shifu Geoff. This not only gives Shifu a chance to meet you in person, but also help advance your skills personally, allowing a high level of unity and quality of instruction for SonFire Wushu.

Video Conferencing

At any time during your training, if you want to advance your skills, get tips, or even just book a 1-to-1 lesson with Shifu Geoff, you can do so online. All of our 1-to-1 sessions are recorded for safety reasons, and also so we can review, and learn from each of our students, just as much as you learn from us, enabling us to enhance our instruction, and make consistently progressive tutorial videos, and lessons. As an added benefit, because the lessons are recorded, you just might get a personal message from Shifu Geoff AFTER the lesson, for some additonal training tips!

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24/7 Training

What does 24/7 Training mean? As long as you have access to the internet, you can train! Whether you’re the type who wakes at 5am to train, get a midnight burst of energy, Our 5 to 10 minute videos make it so you can get some practice or review in even on your lunch break at work! SonFire Wushu Online is always with you giving you the ability to train and learn, whenever, wherever!

Member Benefits

Becoming a SonFire Martial Arts Family Member has some benefits, in addition to all of those which you receive with your martial arts training. Our online system allows you to:

  1. Manage your Student Profile
  2. Keep track of your belt/sash promotions
  3. Track your invoices
  4. Track your class attendance
  5. Track your membership
  6. Attend Special Events
  7. New Tutorial Videos added weekly!
  8. **Early Access & Discounts on Destination Intensives
  9. and more!

**Early Access & Discounts may vary from course to course.


Do I get an Actual Sash?

Yes! Upon registering for our monthly program, you will be mailed an actual sash, with an actual certificate of rank from ShuiTao.Life! The cost of the sash and certificate are included in the testing fee. Sashes are included in ShuiTao Tiers 1,2,3 on our Memberships Page, or in the Patreon “All Access” Tier, and our Individual Courses.

You may also purchase a uniform through us, as you’ll most likely get it cheaper than if you order yourself. If you are local, you can get it during class, if you are abroad, we will mail it to you.

Does Sash Testing cost? What happens if I fail a test?

Yes, there is a fee for each sash test. It’s not much, and sash testing is performed once every 3 months, and is completely optional. 

It’s not failure if you learn from it. If you test, and Shifu thinks that you need more work, he will give you what you need to develop before you should test again. In the event that Shifu Geoff thinks you need to practice more, you will be granted one FREE Re-Test.

How can I see my progress?

My Progress
Sash Progression

After your initial registration, you will be contacted by our instruction team, and then granted access to our online learning system, where you can manage your profile, see your payments, track your progress, and more!

Am I going to lose money?

If you don’t train, yes.  We do not offer refunds for tuition paid, since our Online Wushu program has a “cancel any time” policy. Since when and how to train is up to you, it is up to you how much benefit you get from our programs, how quickly you progress, and what level you achieve. Always remember, Shifu Geoff is just an email away!

Can I try it free?

Unfortunately at this time, no. We’re sorry… But you should know that we are working on being able to bring this feature to you! However, you can see a few sample videos on this page, and visit our individual courses for more samples. We also have a free Qi Gong course online, as well as new stuff on our facebook page and youtube channel!

Do you have a referral program?


YES! – For our Tiered Memberships.

For each new student you refer, who signs into a Tiered Program. You will get a $25 Gift Certificate that can be used for anything (Including tuition), except individual programs. So essentially… you could train with us for free – for life!

We currently do not have a referral program in place for our individual courses. Sorry!

What payment do you accept?

For our monthly online program, we accept all major credit cards.

To purchase individual courses, we accept all major credit cards, plus paypal, and other forms of digital payment.

I just registered with a tiered membership... where are the videos?

After you register, you will receive an email detailing how to access your online account.  Unfortunately right now our system is not “automatic” so one of our team members will have to “activate” you in the system under the appropriate program. After we contact you (within 24 hours of registration) you will receive an ‘invite’ to your online profile, which will give you access to all the material in your program – which is rank-specific.