The Happiness – Success formula

Yes, There’s a wholesale nba jerseys formula to turn your happiness into success. But just so you know, there’s no instant fix or instant result. Success is a long but very worth while journey.

The formula first begins with your definition of success…

Success = _________________________  (money? power? family? friends? humility? sizable charitable giving? helping others? being selfish?)
You gotta cheap jerseys fill this in for yourself, because everyone has a different definition.

Mine comes in two parts:

  1. Owning (and growing) my business, and…
  2. Being a good family man.


The second part of the formula starts with defining what happiness is to you! Is it wholesale jerseys buying lots of stuff? Helping the poor? Providing for your family?

This however is where it becomes a bit sticky, because I’d like you to understand that although happiness is happiness, there is two types, and they are very different. One is temporary, and one is long lasting. I think you get where I’m coming from, however I’d like to just give two examples.

A child gets a new toy, the toy breaks, or the child out grows the toy… although that toy provided happiness for a while, maybe even a few months, the happiness ran out.

That same child, made a friend, the day that toy broke…fifteen years later, even though they’ve had some arguments through the years, they exchange still turn to each other in times of need for friendship, a shoulder to lean on, and someone to just be themselves with. They go to movies, they double date and they remain best A friends for a long time to come. The Protein-Himbeeren-T?rtchen happiness derived from the friendship is far greater than any material item known to man. Lasting Happiness. Ab Happiness with longevity. Happiness that gives back to you exactly what you gave to it.


So now, when we look at our formula, it looks something like this…

Happiness (more formula in here) = Success

This is the basic, bare-bones version of the formula. When you boil it right now, you get the simplistic version. I’ll delve deeper into this in more posts, and we’ll explore more of the Happiness Hello side of the formula, and customize it Alvaro to fit you… As I said in my intro blurb on the front page of this blog, I will help you change your life forever!

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