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Enter a whole new world of Martial Arts! Shifu Geoff has nearly 30 years of training and experience himself, and over 60 years of experience combined with the Team of Instructors at SonFire, we bring you a dynamic experience both online, in class, and abroad! A Blend of Traditional Martial Arts, taught relevant to today, for ALL ages, and ALL walks of life! No matter your race, creed, culture, identity, or physical or cognitive variance ... we would love to have YOU become a member of the SonFire Martial Arts Family!


"My whole family has seen the benefits of Shifu Geoff's teaching."
-Master Karen Bennett, Owner, Cloverdale Black Belt Academy


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The Training of the Future!

Dear Students, Parents, and all new students,

As always, we work to bring you the best in training. We believe in:

  1. Accessibility - Martial Arts should be available to everyone, regardless of financial status, ability, distance, or otherwise.
  2. Safety - Martial Arts benefits reach far beyond self defense, and can be attained through a variety of training methods.
  3. Inclusiveness - Regardless of who you are, where you're from, what age you are, your physical or cognitive ability, your identity, orientation, or otherwise... you should feel welcome and safe to train with us here at ShuiTao.Life!

We are proud to offer a variety of training packages for every one, of every age, and every budget!

For our in class sessions, we take all necessary safety precautions.

Use the contact form on this page, mention Online Training. We're looking forward to hearing from you! Stay well!



Online Training

  • Video Courses
  • Video Extensive Video Reference Library
  • Video Conference Classes Available
  • 1 on 1 Video Coaching with Shifu Geoff
  • Rank Certification
  • Instructor Certification (coming soon)

In Class Training

  • All Curriculum
  • Personal Instruction
  • Classes suitable for All Ages!
  • Classes suitable for All Abilities!
  • In Person Rank Certification
  • In Person Instructor Certification
  • Excellent Training Environment
  • Access to ALL of our Online Training courses!!

Training Camps

Camps are hosted at a planned destination, usually a gorgeous beach some place.

Cost varies per camp,including lodging, training, activities, guest instructors, meals, etcYou are responsible for your own travel cost.

All Training Camps are on hold due to Covid.


"I totally recommend SonFire! My Son was younger when he attended, and the instructors were awesome! We still talk about that time, and all the great memories." - Brooklyn Mc, Parent

Online Courses

Songahm TaeKwonDo

The study of SongAhm TaeKwonDo is where Shifu Geoff began his martial arts journey under the guidance of Senior Master Scott Karpiuk and numerous other Masters along the way.

The ATA Program is unmatched in life skills development for students of all ages, especially Tiny Tigers and Youth.


Shifu Geoffs Passion. Through the years Shifu Geoff has trained extensively in martial arts. Bringing together Shaolin and Bajichuan - ShuiTao Life was born. The Way of Water. The Wushu Program here at SonFire is beautiful for youth, young adults, and those experienced in life. Enhancing movement, physical health, and mental and emotional well being, this program is a whole person art form!

Qi Gong

The Ancient Art of Qi Gong (chi kung) is wonderful for young and experienced alike. Developing the body from the inside out Shifu Geoff will teach you the most popular set of movements, Ba Duan Jin - "The 8 Treasures", as well as the "Yi Jin Jing" - The Muscle and Tendon Changing classic - and beyond. The health benefits of Qi Gong are far reaching for every practitioner, including enhanced immune system, range of motion, fighting arthritis, better digestion, and more...

Member Benefits

Becoming a SonFire Martial Arts Family Member has some benefits, in addition to all of those which you receive with your martial arts training. Our online system allows you to:

  1. Manage your Student Profile
  2. Keep track of your belt/sash promotions
  3. Track your invoices
  4. Track your class attendance
  5. Track your membership
  6. Attend Special Events
  7. **Early Access & Discounts on Destination Intensives
  8. and more!


**Early Access & Discounts depend entirely on, and may vary from course to course.

Meet The Team

Shifu Geoff


Shifu Geoff began his training back in 1992 at the age of 12. Almost 30 years later, he has trained a number of champions, and has been Canadian Champion on the ATA Tournament Circuit 7 times. Continually Training and expanding his knowledge and skills under numerous masters, in multiple arts, Shifu Geoff loves teaching students of all ages.

Shifu Sue


Shifu Sue began her training as part of a method of rehabilitation after breaking her ankle. She has trained under a number of masters, for over 15 years. Shifu Sue's passion is teaching "Tiny Tigers" (Ages 4-6) and Youth. She is a true asset to the SonFire Team.

Shifu Adam (Aka Mr. Ishmail)


Shifu Adam has been training with SonFire since he was 5 years old. Seen here between training sessions in Las Vegas with Mr. Cifre (left) and Sr. Master Nery (right), Mr. Ishmail is an indispensable member of SonFire's Team. Truly an excellent example for anyone to follow, and a great martial artist.