Worry Not, my friends…

Last post was about Joy, and how to create lasting joy in your life.

One of the things that steals joy away from us is worry. Every day we worry about things such as our future, our past, our children, our loved ones, our jobs, friends, co-workers, finances, education, housing, vehicles, and more. I agree! There’s a LOT of things to worry about. Or is there? The question is not HOW do I stop worrying? It’s “WHY should I stop worrying?”

First, what is worry? Worry is the fear that the future will not turn out as you hope, or plan.

Well, I’ve got a little secret for you. THE FUTURE… and all that stuff you worry about a week from now, or tomorrow, or even next year…

So if the future that we worry about does not exist… Then what does exist? Possibility. Possibility exists. Any Number of positive (or negative) outcomes exist. Now since we never EVER worry about the positive outcomes, we have to rule out the negative in order to stop worrying… right? WRONG! We don’t have to rule them out. So what do we do? The only thing that’s left is acceptance. We must accept all possible outcomes of the future. Good or Bad.

For example: What if my daughter makes a bad decision and gets into a car with an impaired driver? Anything can happen! The same thing that can happen if she’s in the car with a driver who’s not impaired. Though chances of certain undesirable outcomes are much higher with an impaired driver…

Possible outcomes:
1) Nothing, Daughter returns home as planned.
2) Caught by a Police Officer.
3) Non-fatal accident.
4) Fatal accident… and more…

How do I accept a fatal accident? Well… can you do anything to change the outcome? No. So in essence, if that were to happen, you would be forced to go through the grieving process and then the final step… acceptance. “But I don’t want to accept it. I don’t want to live life without my daughter!” No, Nobody does. That’s horrible. But that’s the key. That right there.

“I don’t want to accept it.”

There in lies the loop that most people find themselves trapped in. “I don’t want to accept it.” People tend to have this thought process that leads them down the path of “Acceptance = Not Caring”. This isn’t true at all. But what they fail to realize is that the more time you spend worrying about things that most likely won’t happen… the less time you have to spend in the present moment, cherishing the time you have with your loved ones, friends, and more…

So how do we stop worrying about things that don’t exist yet? Don’t worry, you can’t. Civilization and Capitalism have trained us from our youth to worry about the future. The key is not to stop worrying. The key is to accept all possibilities, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some of us live with, or have family members, who suffer from different illnesses, some suffer from different abilities, or lack there of. People live with down syndrome or different mental health disorders. Some families have members fighting overseas.

So, before I start rambling on and boring you… what’s the conclusion?

Live… NOW… Enjoy this moment. Is it raining? Enjoy the rain! Is it sunny? Enjoy the sun. What’s happening RIGHT NOW in your life? Are you waking up, reading this, drinking your first cup of coffee in the morning? Or maybe you drink tea… Enjoying your favourite breakfast? Recovering from an illness or surgery? Getting ready for work today?

No matter what it is you are doing, take a moment, this very moment, to enjoy something! Enjoy your drink, enjoy the seat you are in. Enjoy your family, or friends, your co-workers… Enjoy the job you are working, if you don’t have one, enjoy some breathing space… Enjoy… Now…

As I write this on a sunny Sunday morning, I’m currently at work, with allergies causing me a dull headache, scratchy throat, and a stuffy nose that ebbs and flows with the changing winds… And i’m enjoying my tea ( and the ability to write this at work ) as well as the fact that I can be here and provide for my family.

Enjoy Now… Because ‘now’ becomes ‘then’ so fast… and practise enjoying now with everything you have!!